"Over the past few years, I found myself in need of legal representation several times and Sylvia Cavazos represented me each time. Her professionalism and experience gave me complete confidence in her ability to handle my cases. Ms. Cavazos and her staff were always easy to contact and explained everything in detail throughout my entire cases. Needless to say, all of my cases were dismissed. I would highly recommend Ms. Cavazos for a defense attorney."

~D.A (San Antonio)

"Thank you very, very much!! I'm amazed at what you were able to do for me, I don't know how you dismissed 11 out of my 13 traffic tickets, but you did! I will be recommending you to all of my family and friends also if they ever need the help that you were able to provide to me! Thank you once again. You were a blessing to me and my family!"

~ S.F. (San Antonio)

"Recently I found myself in need of legal representation on a federal case and contacted Sylvia A. Cavazos as my attorney. I was very pleased with her representation, she was very helpful in every step of the case and always made sure I was well informed and that I understood the situation clearly. Ms. Cavazos made me feel sure that my case was important to her and not just another bunch of papers on her desk, she gave me personal attention, by seeing me herself, at every turn and not just sending her assistant. She was thorough and also never judged me, but made me feel as a person and not a criminal like everyone else. I will always be grateful to her for her hard work."

~ F.P. (San Antonio)

-Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography
-Sentencing Guideline Range: 210-262 Months
-Final Sentencing: 108 Months

"As a person who has never been involved with the justice system, I had no idea what to expect when my son got into trouble. As a father, the possibilities of what could happen to my son in the Juvenile Justice system kept me awake at night. I turned to Ms. Cavazos for help. I am completely and overwhelmingly satisfied by the help she gave us. She explained everything clearly, made no judgments, and guided us through the process. Her professionalism, experience, connections, and personal charm gave me complete confidence in her ability to get the best possible outcome for my son. Not only was the outcome good, but she was able to make these stressful months as painless as possible. I even got feedback from the Juvenile Probation Officer about how hard Ms. Cavazos was working on my case. I give credit to her and to her legal assistant. While I hope I won't need her services again, if I ever do I will not hesitate in retaining her again. I give her my highest recommendations."

~G.R. (San Antonio)

"I found the service provided by the Law Office of Sylvia Cavazos to be exceptional. My experience with both Ms. Cavazos and her assistant, Mrs. Reynosa, was courteous, professional and very timely with regard to my legal needs. Ms. Cavazos deftly formulated a successful legal strategy over just one meeting in person and several follow-up phone calls that left me with a sense of good care and astute representation. In court, Ms. Cavazos displayed the utmost professionalism and personal care by keeping me informed of the proceedings as they occurred, as much as possible. I always held high confidence, especially while witnessing Ms. Cavazos' legal expertise first-hand, that I had made a formidable selection of her as my attorney. I am very thankful for the successful outcome of my case, which likely would not have been possible without such aforementioned qualities. Ms. Cavazos' office provided a flexible and reasonable payment option, which proved favorable toward my own financial situation. I highly recommend the services provided by the Law Office of Sylvia Cavazos."  

~L.L. (San Antonio) DWI Case Acquitted at Trial

Dear Sylvia,

"I wanted to tell you what a blessing it was to have you try the case in my court. Both sides did an excellent job. I am glad it turned out the way you needed it to. I am so happy that you are a part of my courthouse family."

~Judge (Bexar County)

"Sylvia Cavazos was a great lawyer. She talked me through the entire process and explained how everything would go in court so that I was never confused or nervous. She made me feel very comfortable in the courtroom because I knew she was representing me well. She got my case dismissed after working very hard to talk to the judge. She was always very nice and professional which made the whole process that much easier. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that needs a lawyer. Thank you."  

~A.V. (San Antonio)

"During my horrible life changing experience involving two counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault to a Child, my meeting Ms. Cavazos for the very first time was a life a changing experience. Having said that, before I met her I was thinking the worst, even attempting to take my own life. I was at a point where I was lost and had no recollection of what was going on. I felt that with these charges no one would believe I was innocent, seeing how everything happened at the blink of an eye, especially because the accusers were my own two daughters. As my process continued Ms. Cavazos would visit me and keep my family updated on court dates and any other information needed; Ms. Cavazos never made me feel like a bother and was always on a professional level. Ms. Cavazos always had words of wisdom and encouragement to say; in my opinion when Ms. Cavazos enters the court room she has such confidence that it's as if everyone knows who she is. After a year of sticking by my side she was able to have my charges dismissed. Despite this horrible experience and everything I had to overcome I wouldn't have been able to get through this without the support of my family and the tremendous help of Ms. Cavazos. I highly encourage and recommend to anyone looking for a defense attorney to consider her.

I thank GOD!!! for finding Ms. Cavazos."

~C.H. (San Antonio)

"Dealing with criminal charges and not knowing who or where to turn to can be a very trying situation emotionally and physically. You want the nightmare to end and pray someone will save you from this ordeal. I know there are worst things in this world, but dealing with a DWI and the possibility of losing my CDL when I am a truck driver was very terrifying. My CDL was my way of life and providing for my family. At 67 years old, I cannot afford to retire just yet. I still have family that depend on me for financial support.

I was given Ms. Cavazos name from a family friend. I had spoken to several criminal defense attorneys and they all treated me as though I were just another client. I had never been in trouble with the law before and I needed to know my attorney had my best interests at heart. I was told she was the best in the area and they were not wrong. Her previous role as a prosecutor clearly gave her an advantage in knowing all the in's and out's of the judicial system. I knew immediately after reading her profile and meeting her in person, she was the one I wanted representing me. She was very thorough in explaining my situation and what my options were. After a few days of preparing my case and then months of waiting for my court date, Ms. Cavazos was able to have my case dismissed. In the courtroom, she was very professional and well respected amongst peers and judges. Hearing the judge dismiss my case made that day one of the most happiest days in my life.

Life lessons come in all shapes and sizes and I learned a very valuable lesson. Ms. Cavazos has given me a second chance to continue living my life as normal and I will forever be grateful.

I highly recommend Ms. Cavazos as a criminal defense attorney for anyone in the San Antonio area!"

~J.L. (San Antonio)

"I would like to recommend Ms. Cavazos for anyone looking for a defense attorney. I contacted Ms. Cavazos based on her website and I was not disappointed. I needed to hire a defense attorney for my daughter who had made a wrong choice and was involved in a small theft matter. Ms. Cavazos was able to get the case dismissed. She worked very hard for my daughter. Ms. Cavazos took the time to explain to me and my daughter as to how the court system works, and what the consequences were for her wrong decision making. Ms. Cavazos counseled my daughter on the plan of action that would be needed to help resolve the issue to meet our needs. Ms. Cavazos were very courteous and professional throughout the time that we were both in court and out of court. Her staff was always easy to contact, and I was always notified as to what was happening throughout the course of the case. All information was explained very clearly. It is easy to see that Ms. Cavazos is very experienced and knows the local judicial court system extremely well. Again, I highly recommend Ms. Cavazos should the need ever arise for a defense attorney."

~A.G. (San Antonio)

"I spoke to a number of criminal defense attorneys before I called Ms. Cavazos, but I was still terrified of my legal situation. My initial telephone consultation with Ms. Cavazos was extremely reassuring; I was able to sleep soundly for the first time in the months since my arrest.

Ms. Cavazos proved her value again when we appeared in court together. She thoroughly prepared me for the courtroom, she informed me of my options in a very clear manner, and she ensured that I fully understood the ramifications of my plea.

Local courtroom officers are former colleagues of Ms. Sylvia Cavazos, and the Court's familiarity with my attorney made me feel as comfortable as possible. I received a minimal sentence for my crime, and the Court was very considerate of my circumstances.

I highly recommend Ms. Sylvia Cavazos' legal representation to anyone in the San Antonio area."

~X.R. (Hawaii)

"My husband and I are very satisfied and thankful to have had Ms. Cavazos handle our case; her fees are reasonable and she took care of it right away with no hassles in a very professional and efficient fashion - I received a call from her office giving me updates on our case and an outcome in no time; besides, Ms. Brittany her assistant being just as polite."

~S.B. (Houston)

"I have received the dismissal paperwork thank you very much for all you guys have done! You guys have saved my life! I have also verified with the bonds company that they have closed my file with their company! Have a blessed day and tell Ms. Cavasos that she is a great person and an excellent lawyer!!!"

~C.C. (San Antonio, Texas)

"It is my privilege to write this letter on behalf of the representation that I received from Ms. Sylvia Cavazos.

I was 1 ½ years into a felony 4 year DWI probation when I was charged with a Felony Evading arrest charge. I was able to post a bond and my probation officer immediately posted a Motion to Revoke Probation (MTR) without bond. I contacted the office of Ms. Cavazos and briefly explained the situation and without hesitation she instructed me to go to a bail bondsman and wait for her to contact me. Shortly after my arrival, Ms. Cavazos had met with the Judge and arranged for me to turn myself in and post a bond that took less than 30 minutes.

Ms. Cavazos represented me in court regarding the MTR and during a brief trial with the arresting officer, Prosecutor and Judge; Ms. Cavazos was able to maintain my probation without revocation. The new Felony charge was then reset for trial. Prior to the trial date I had numerous confrontations with my Probation officer and harassing calls and unrealistic request in maintaining my current probation. Ms. Cavazos was always available to intervene and try to pacify the request my probation officer.

In short, my probation officer filled another MTR without bond, Ms. Cavazos again was able to step in and even though the presiding Judge was unavailable she was able to make contact with him and had him set a bond again.

The new MTR and new Felony charge where set to be tried together and again Ms. Cavazos was able to maintain my current probation by proving the violations were indeed invalid and the new felony charge was to be run concurrent with the existing probation.

Ms. Cavazos and Brittany were always available to take my calls and always responded as if I was their only client. The time and effort spent on their behalf on my cases was priceless and well orchestrated. I would highly recommend Ms. Cavazos for any level of representation and I assure you that you will be well represented!! "

~F.A. (San Antonio March/2013)

"Words cannot express Ms. Cavazos how grateful we are for your professional, responsible, and caring way that you handled the matter involving of our son's case. This whole experience was a nightmare, very stressful, and difficult time for our family. Our son has never been in trouble yet alone done anything bad, so when we were told what he was being accused of we were torn apart especially my son.

Your expertise in juvenile law and the way you handled his case really put our family at ease throughout the proceedings. We appreciate the knowledge, advice, and understanding that you graciously provided even during the times we were distraught. Your persistence and skill were instrumental in protecting our son from the worst of the legal consequences which the outcome and to our surprise upon receiving a DISMISSAL given the nature of this case was priceless.

We can't thank you enough for holding our hands through this difficult process. I'm glad to know that there are professionals like you who see beyond the crime and look at the whole person. Much continued success to the Law Office of Sylvia A. Cavazos and staff!"

~S.G (San Antonio, Texas)

"We are very delighted to acknowledge Ms. Sylvia Cavazos as one of the most brilliant lawyers in Bexar County, Texas. Ms. Cavazos is a very experienced, hardworking, highly intelligent, and motivated attorney who is above all, a very caring person. I was wrongfully accused of a crime I considered as an embarrassment and she represented me in that uncomfortable and convoluted situation which prolonged over a year. Ms. Cavazos was very honest about my case and did not give me any false hope. She was, however, very positive throughout the distress and was thoroughly prepared to handle my case to its fullest extent because she never doubted my innocence. Most importantly, she comforted me and my family as well during this difficult time of desperation in our lives. Thanks to Ms. Cavazos’ well-balanced preparation and pleasurable reasoning, my case was dismissed for interest of justice long before the trial was even set. It was a miracle how we found her through internet and we thank God eternally for simply directing us to her so easily. I hope I will never need a criminal defense attorney again but it’s better to expect the unexpected. Whenever anyone in my family or I need a service of a criminal defense lawyer under any circumstances, I would undoubtedly choose Ms. Cavazos as my first choice. For anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney, my family and I highly recommend Ms. Sylvia Cavazos without any hesitation."

~M.M. (San Antonio)

"I am pleased to have an opportunity to acknowledge Ms. Cavazos and her staff for their time and valuable services regarding my recent legal issue. Ms. Cavazos is a consummate professional and was positive throughout the ordeal and was thoroughly prepared to handle my case.

She made me feel at ease through the entire process. I have recommended Ms. Cavazos to others when in need of legal representation and will continue to do so in the future. If you need an attorney who is highly skilled and cares about her clients and the law, choose Ms. Cavazos. I can promise you, you will not regret this choice."

~JG (Corpus Christi)

"In the past seven years, our daughter managed to find herself almost under the jail instead of in it. She had several DWI's, possession, possession of drug related items and various tickets. We had been trying to get her help during this entire period of time. No one would talk to us due to the fact that she is an adult. When she received her third DWI the judge threw the book at her, so to speak. He was tired of seeing her come through the system. You were able to get the first DWI dismissed. After that she received two more DWI's and various other tickets. Thankfully, our daughter gave you permission to discuss any information pertaining to any of her cases with us. I explained the problems that we had had with her and the fact that we had tried to get her help. With the information we had given you, you recognized that there was a serious problem. She was on a path of self destruction. You would not give up on her. You talked to her about the options she had and the benefits of each. She finally admitted that she had a problem and wanted help. With the knowledge you have and the resources available, she was placed in SATF (Substance Abuse Treatment Facility).

I feel if it had not been for your concern and truly caring about her, she would be back on the streets getting into more trouble or even worse, dead. During the years of her being out of control, she was involved in five accidents. Through the grace of God, they were only involving her, no one else. That could have changed with the path she was on. I am happy to say she is doing well in rehab and very grateful she is getting the help she needs.

Thank you Sylvia for your help and concern. You were our lifeline in a time of crisis for our family. You not only helped, you genuinely cared about her well being. "

~J.D. (San Antonio, Texas)

"When I was arrested for my 6th DWI over a 26 year time period, I thought I was going to be sent to prison for the third time. I received an indictment as a habitual offender. Attorney Sylvia Cavazos not only had it reduced to repeater, she got me probation with no jail time."

~S.C. (San Antonio)

"I recently served on a jury... and Sylvia Cavazos was one of the defending attorney's. She was thoroughly prepared for this case and so professional in handling everyone in the courtroom whether it was those from the DA's office, the judge or her client. She was unerringly polite but she cut straight to the heart of the situation when questioning the arresting officer or any others connected to the case. Always courteous and never rude she quickly persuaded those she questioned to agree with her on all points. I hope I never need a criminal defense attorney but IF I find myself in that position, I would contact Ms. Cavazos first. It's very obvious she loves the Law and she's excellent at her chosen profession."

~Kim (Juror-New Braunfels, TX)

"Ms. Cavazos gets results. Period. I was so impressed with the way she handled herself, the jury, judge, criminal defense attorneys, bailiff, etc. She had a way of being nice and professional but FIERCE and authoritative. Her work ethic is incredible and I felt she truly cared about me and winning my case. You can tell she absolutely loves what she does. Winning my case was NOT promising to say the least. We won. I highly recommend Ms. Cavazos. She knows the law and she absolutely knows what she's doing. When a jury member gives a positive review, one must take notice! I highly recommend her services."

~DWI Client (San Antonio, TX)

"We are please to have the opportunity to acknowledge Ms. Sylvia Cavazos as "An Exceptional Attorney." It has been a pleasure to work with Ms. Cavazos. She is such a professional, caring person. I have never seen someone so driven and determined. She was always by our side, she never doubted our son's innocence. She believed in him from the beginning, she always told him to hang in there and to keep his head held up high, and to never give up. She made him feel better each time she talked to him. Ms. Cavazos is hardworking, very intelligent, motivated, and a caring person. She puts her clients first and makes them know how much she cares about them. She is truly an Angel. God lead us to her and she made sure we were taken care of and that things would work out. She proved our son's innocence and I thank God for leading us to her everyday. She is a wonderful attorney. We highly recommend her to represent anyone in need of an attorney."

~D.C. (San Antonio, TX)

"Ms. Cavazos is a very experienced and dedicated attorney that will focus on the immediacy of her clients issues. The outcome of her client's cases is her number one priority. She is very determined and will always be proactive towards her cases. She is punctual and sympathetic. Her work ethic is great; she has a clear understanding of the state of urgency of her clients. Her communication skills are very astute and her bilingual capabilities increase her tenacity. Her office customer service is fantastic, and her retainer fees are very fair. Having seen Ms. Cavazos work in the courtroom I can say that she is very smart and fierce. I would definitely want her representing me or my family."

~M.W. (San Antonio, TX)

"From day one I didn't know how my case was going to go by it felt better knowing you had determination to prove I was innocent. I am thankful that you did everything you could and succeeded. Thank you so much. God Bless."

~B.C. (San Antonio, TX)

"I was glad to hear testimonials were being collected for Sylvia Cavazos' website. I was delighted to have the opportunity to thank her for all she did to help me get my life back on track. Everyone makes mistakes and deserves another chance, she helped me get it. Sylvia represented me on DWI charges. From our first meeting, I knew she was the person I wanted to represent me. She was completely professional, took the time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions, and went above and beyond to build my case. She made sure I could continue to drive by having my occupational license approved by the court quickly and delivering it to me personally. Her representation is what I credit for having my charges dismissed and not having to pay court costs, fines or fees, and not having any probation. I have recommended Sylvia to friends and would recommend her to anyone I care about. I have dealt with many attorneys throughout the years and have rarely been impressed with their performance. Sylvia does her job with all of her ability and truly cares about her clients. She is also quite humble; any time I thanked her, she would always say, "Well that's my job." She is a shining example of what an attorney should be."

~R.G. (San Antonio, TX)

"Just a little note to say how much I am very thankful and appreciate all that you have done for our family. It has been a way stressful year for us, but with your help and praying to God above, our prayers were answered."

~D.C. (San Antonio, TX)

"Ms. Cavazos represented my daughter in a complicated set of circumstances that stretched over a period of 18 months. My daughter was incarcerated and Ms. Cavazos actually was able to access her when I wasn't, she was able to keep communication lines open between members of our family and ease our very troubled circumstances. She worked closely with the probation officer, and then when it went to court, Ms. Cavazos' relationships with the court reporters, bailiffs, district attorneys, and especially the judges made all the difference. Her professionalism was consistent throughout our ordeal, and yet she was very personal and respectful of my daughter throughout. I cannot say enough. This was a terrible time in our lives, but Ms. Cavazos allowed us to keep a clear perspective and showed us that this was just a bump in the overall scheme of life. I am indebted to her, and my daughter's life was changed and she was given another chance. Ms. Cavazos is honest, mindful of economic considerations, and supportive and professional. I would recommend her services to anyone."

~W.B. (San Antonio)

"Ms. Cavazos represented my son from May 2010-November 2010. This was a very stressful and difficult time for our family. Our son has never been in trouble yet alone done nothing bad. So when we were told what he was being accused of. We were all torn apart, especially my son. I was so hard to enroll him in an alternative school. I was crying so bad, the counselor had to calm me down. He was so unhappy and depressed and I hated to see him like that. Ms. Cavazos was referred to us by a family friend. When we went to meet with her it was like God had sent us an Angel, she was so respectful and caring. She sat there so professional and reassured my son that everything was going to be okay, and for him to keep his head held high. I could tell she was going to do all she could do to prove my son innocent. She would either call us or email me to give me updates. She would even call when she was out of town, no matter what question I had she always got back to me with an answer. It took six months, it felt longer, however Ms. Cavazos came through and proved my son innocent I thank God for bringing her to us everyday. She is a wonderful person, we were truly blessed to have her represent out son. Thank you Ms. Cavazos!"

~D.C. (San Antonio)

"I am pleased to have an opportunity to acknowledge Ms. Cavazos and her staff for their time and valuable services regarding my recent legal issue. Ms. Cavazos is a consummate professional and was positive throughout the ordeal and was thoroughly prepared to handle my case. She made me feel at ease through the entire process. I have recommended Ms. Cavazos to others when in need of legal representation and will continue to do so in the future."

~T.J. (Converse, Texas)

"Ms. Sylvia Cavazos is a very good lawyer and the best I've ever had. She worked miracles with my case. I was already sentenced to a five year Aggravated prison sentence that I acquired, thanks to my previous court appointed lawyer. My parents hired Ms. Cavazos while I was already in a prison facility. Ms. Cavazos appealed my case and set it for trial. They bench warranted me back to San Antonio county jail to appear in court. Ms. Cavazos got me out of county jail on a P.R. Bond. I couldn't believe it. After 5 days of jury trial, the jury gave me only three years probation. I am deeply grateful for Ms. Cavazos."

H.P.~(San Antonio)

"My drivers license was suspended due to unpaid fee that I owed over 4 years ago. It was in a small town in West Texas that I completely forgot that I had tickets. I called over to courts and they wanted me to pay over 800.00 to them. I didn't have that kind of money to pay them to get my TXDL back. I went on the internet to find an Attorney who would handle my case in the small town. I came across Sylvia Cavazos page and called them. Her staff was able to help me at a very affordable rate. Within 3 weeks I received a call back that my court fees where waived and I didn't owe any additional money! I don't know what they did or how they did it, but very pleased with the outcome. I would recommend Ms. Cavazos to everyone. She is great at she does and knows how to get the job done! Thank you so much Ms Cavazos and her staff for all they did"

~A.A. (San Antonio)