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You Could Face Prison Time for Aggravated Assault

Violent crimes are taken seriously by Texas prosecutors. A conviction for aggravated assault has severe penalties, including prison, payment of a large fine and the imposition of restrictions on your constitutional rights such as the right to vote or possess a firearm. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend your rights.

Former prosecutor Sylvia A. Cavazos in San Antonio represents clients throughout south central Texas. She will use her years of experience to protect your future in all types of assault cases.

Defending Against Accusations of Spousal Abuse and Assault With a Weapon

Aggravated assault is violent assault with the intent to cause serious bodily harm, or assault involving a weapon of some kind. The defense to an aggravated assault charge depends on the circumstances of each individual case.

Common defenses include:

  • Self-defense or defense of others: You have a right to defend yourself or someone else who is in danger of bodily injury.
  • Mutual combat: When two people are involved in a fight, it may be impossible to determine who was the aggressor and who is acting in self-defense.
  • Identification problems: Eyewitnesses are unreliable and are known to make mistakes, especially at night or when they have been drinking such as is often the case in a bar parking lot.

She will carefully investigate the circumstances in which you were charged, contact any witnesses, and review the police report and the rest of the prosecution’s evidence. She will make sure that any evidence of aggravated assault or spousal abuse was not obtained in a manner that infringed upon your constitutional rights.

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