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Internet Sex Crimes May Include State and Federal Charges

Conviction of an Internet sex offense carries substantial penalties under Texas law. You are likely to spend time in prison, pay a large fine and will almost certainly have to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. You may be prevented from ever using a computer again, or worse, from spending time with children, including your own.

To protect your rights and your future freedom, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Sylvia A. Cavazos is a San Antonio Internet sex offense lawyer protecting the rights of clients in south central Texas. As a former Bexar County assistant district attorney, she has the necessary knowledge and experience to build a strong defense against state and federal sex crime charges.

Providing a Strong Internet Crime Defense

Have you been charged with an Internet sex crime such as child pornography or solicitation of a minor? All too often, these charges are the result of accidentally clicking on the wrong link, or someone else using your computer or Internet connection. Sometimes, these charges are the result of a misunderstanding, illegal entrapment or a vengeful attempt to get someone in trouble.

You have the right to refuse to answer questions if a police officer contacts you with questions. As soon as you become aware of an investigation, you should contact an attorney who will advocate vigorously on your behalf. If you are being investigated or have been charged for any crime, do not speak to anyone without a lawyer.

Sometimes, information resulting in an arrest was illegally obtained by the investigating police officers. An experienced sex crimes defense attorney can build a defense in your favor after carefully reviewing the prosecution’s evidence and identifying police error or other weak spots in the case. When it comes to crimes committed over the Internet, computer forensics specialists can be used to recover evidence.

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